Certified Forever Tee


When we decided to sell t-shirts, we knew we had competition. Tons actually. You can buy five tees now for the price of our forever tees.

What’s makes us different?

When I was a kid, I remember my mom pulling out old t-shirts from her younger days and they still looked new. They felt great. Her t-shirts made it to another generation.

That’s the t-shirt we sell.

The Certified Forever Tee means you don’t have to worry about see-through material from fast, cheap labor. Our suppliers believe in quality just as much as we do. If you invest in our t-shirts, we want to thank you will longevity; t-shirts you can pull out of a drawer years later and enjoy as much as you enjoy them today.

Quality. Forever.





Not Exactly Legalese: Bags Plus Some cannot guarantee our products will last forever. If the apocalypse comes, the products will not last. That also applies to user error such as following washing instructions, excessive wearing, using the t-shirt for anything other than a fashion statement, etc. Certified Forever Tee is not a legal certification and only applies to the quality check performed by the Bags Plus Some team.