Wild & Free

I'm not anyone's top priority or first thought in the morning. There's nothing traditional or predictable about my life and, no I don't know where I'll be in ten years.

I asked for this life.

Easy? Not even close. Sometimes down right unbearable. Quiet and sporadically lonely at the most inconvenient times. But it's my freedom. It's doesn't fit in a box, a definition or gender-based responsibility. It's flows like the wind, changing depending on the season. Comedy and moxie is trying to plan my future and I'm thrilled. It's not the life for everyone. Most can't handle the job. It's the life of an artist, an entrepreneur, a nomad; filled with wanderlust and I’m thankful for the gift. I'm living because I can and for the people who can't. Because we only get one chance to experience new moments and I want a treasure trove to review in my last moments.

I'm not anyone top priority or first thought in the morning. I don't fit or conform. Not because I can’t. It’s just I know my happiness doesn’t live there. I'm consciously taking in every emotion, every situation, every movement in order to grow into a stronger, wiser me. It's not the life for everyone. It's the life for me.

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