When You Don’t Think Anyone Is Listening, The Universe Is

I was in grad school the first time I heard about the book. My girlfriend gave me a copy. The Alchemist. I thought it was The Al Chemist and assumed it was about science. Just one of many things Ive translated incorrectly.

I can’t remember how many times I’ve read it since the first but I just started reading it again. Normally I’m tempted to read it when I’m in a position of indecisiveness, which is life, so you do the math.

The book offers many lessons but one of my favorites is paying attention to the omens, the signs that the universe not only hears you, but is open to supporting your need to know. Reread that sentence if you didn’t get it the first time because people are looking for the clear, ‘no question’ answer but the universe helps YOU get the answer. It’s job, for a lack of a better term, is to be a guide, not an Uber driver.

And the best part is that the omens can and do appears just about everywhere. The reason people don’t see them is they think they’re ready but they really aren’t or they're not understanding the interpretation and just like that, you feel solo. But you need to know, you’re questions are absolutely heard.

Take away? You’re not alone. The big decision. The small decision. Ask for help and be open to receiving the answers. They’re there. They’re everywhere.

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