We’re All Afraid But We Still Try

Brene Brown said she was afraid going into the arena. Oprah said she was afraid when she ended her show and started a network. TD Jakes said he used his entire savings to invest in his dream. I don’t know too many stories of people who are successful where fear was not part of the equation. The only difference between them and the rest of the world is they kept going. 

This is not my first go around at entrepreneurship. I started my first business, Artistic Solutions in 2007. At the time, I didn’t understand my role in my success. Yes, I know how it sounds but my truth is, I didn’t understand that getting to the finish was solely up to me.


Because it’s my decision to keep going even when I’m afraid. My decision to take courses to understand the information I need to be successful aka a business budgeting class! It’s up to me to pivot when I need to and pray along the way.

Lemme tell you what I know. There will be sacrifices, big and small. There will be milestones and hurdles so big you will think it’s impossible to complete. And there will be times when you think it’s not ever going to work and you’re wasting your time.

Do it anyway.

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