Play the Long Game

I believe in playing the long game. I learned how as a young person because I was awkward, completely unaware of myself with extremely low self esteem. What kept me going was the faith that my life would one day change dramatically. And it did. Attending to an arts college gave me an opportunity to see that eccentricity wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. It was actually a skill-set. I felt like I was reborn and give a new opportunity at living.

Throughout my 44 years, I’ve held the unknown as a hopeful promise. When life was good, I knew somewhere down the line, the unexpected had the ability to knock me off my feet. Well, as we all know, the knock can be a hit and provide a hard landing. Even still, I look for the long game.

In 2012, I filed for bankruptcy. I lost everything and had to start over. One day, a friend told me she was surprised at my positive outlook, even as I slept on the floor of a townhouse with two roommates after owning a two bedroom condo off the lake. It was the long game. I didn’t know what tomorrow had for Dawn but I also knew it wasn’t sleeping on the floor. I knew in the long run, this was part of the journey.

And it certainly was.

Life looks different today but our earthly experiences are not a once and done. We’ll experience many short games during our lifespan so remember to play the long game, maintain faith in the promise of the unknown and hold tight to understanding that where you are today is not necessarily your tomorrow.

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