Faith Like Mary .. thee Mary!

I can see my future as clear as day. I’m on stage, speaking in a crowded arena. I’m funny and charming as I tell my story of resilience. I talk about the struggles. The bankruptcy. Living by candlelight. Sleeping on the floor. Walking from the train at night with a prayer and a pocket knife. All the big ideas that never transpired. I explain that I knew I would end up here. It was my personal legend. I don’t know how I knew other than my faith in myself and my faith in God but somehow I did.

I look out at the crowd and even though the lights are bright, I can see a face with doubt. I always look for the doubters. Then I talk about Mary.

I say, "Imagine Mary, a virgin. She's living her best life when an angel comes along and tells her she's going to have a baby without knowing a man. Through confusion and with no additional information, Mary said, 'I believe.' She didn’t know the plan or the route. She knew it was and accepted it to be and kept it movin'.

Imagine how she had to explain her pregnancy to her family and friends. There would be doubters, even the faithful. But she didn’t fret. She didn’t know how, she just had faith that it would."

Then I would finish up by saying, 'Now imagine, just like Mary and well, me, that you carry that same faith in yourself and followed your dream. Continue moving on faith alone. Just imagine.'

Exit stage left.

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