You may need to accept that your entire way of thinking is wrong ...

You’re in the car with your bestie, singing along to your playlist when your favorite song comes on. As you start to belt out the chorus, your friend is giving you side eye.

“That’s not the lyrics. You’re singin’ the wrong words.”

As you can feel your temperature rise, the chorus comes on again and for the first time, you hear it. You can’t un-hear it. You’ve been wrong this entire time.

Now you can’t even hear the song. You’re trying to trace your memory back to the first time you heard it. HOW DID I GET IT SO WRONG?

Then you remember. It wasn’t your fault. You had heard it from your mom. Who had heard it from her mom. And for generations, they have passed wrong information throughout the family.

The year is coming to an end. You know you’re going to see the family during the holidays.

You accept the burden and tell them the truth.

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