Put It On Paper

I like having a crush. I like the stories I can play in my head around the possibilities of a new love. I like having a crush so much, I can get wrapped up in the idea and never put forth any effort towards a relationship. Why? It’s safe. There’s no rejection there. In my head, the story ends on a happy note. But again, that’s not how you get the partner.

So many of us love the idea of working for ourselves. The freedom. The rewards. The flexibility. The freedom! But the work associated with it can seem far reaching. How do you get started? What if I mess up?

Put it on paper. Get it out your head. Stop romancing the idea of doing it and do it. You can still dream about the possibilities but create action steps and milestones and celebrate yourself along the journey.

Let me help you out: you will fail. You will absolutely feel as if it’s a huge waste of time. You will miss social outings because you’re working around the clock. And the sacrifice is glacial. But guess what? Everyone who has ever had the dreams that you (and I) have went through the same thing.

You’re not alone. Just put It on paper, get started and don’t stop.

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