I'm Their Whale

I try to meditate daily. Some days I have more time than other days but the service to my mind is too great to skip, even if I have a short window. I'm traveling until the first week of December and staying in routine can be challenging so I'm very intentional about keeping this top of mind.

This morning during my meditation, while listening to my calming sounds like every other day, I imagined myself in a peaceful location. Sometimes I’m in a field. Or the beach. Today, I wondered what it would feel like floating in the ocean, on my back, looking up at the sky. For protection, I imagined five massive whales in an octagon, connected nose to tail, underneath the waters ensuring nothing would pull me into a jaws scene. If you can stretch your imagination, you can feel the peace I felt.

As I tend to do, I fell out of the space and into what happened the night before. I’m currently home to take care of mom post-surgery. She’s doing so well, when my sister came by, she joined us in the kitchen and we had an amazing day. They sat and relaxed while I cleaned the kitchen, ordered dinner, making sure everything was in order. I was happy because they were at peace.

I’m their whale.

Sometimes we don’t realize our purpose or the impact of our presence. It can seem as if we’re here, floating through life not impacting in the way we think we need to impact or serve God.

The whales during my mediation provided protection by lessening my anxiety. Even in a fictional space, your mind is completely aware of life's limitations, especially the limitations which lend itself fear and worry. You may not understand or notice how your ‘being there’ serves others but let me remind you - your very essence is the peace needed for someone trying to float in the ocean. 

Your soul is serving as a guide to peace. 


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