Getting Back to Center

Long week, yes? When I need to center, I grab a cup of tea, put my legs up and get lost in my art. Giving myself time to pause and reflect is key for my creativity and strategizing for Bags Plus Some.

We move so fast nowadays. The amount of information we consume is kinda insane if you really think stop and about it. I’m from the Dewey Decimal Classification System Age. If you’re pre card catalogs, the system organized library materials by the following disciplines: philosophy; social sciences; science; technology; and, history. Do you realize that we can EASILY take in information about each discipline via a digital newsfeed? That’s kinda insane if you think about what that means for our brains and most importantly, our spirits. Are we really digesting content or stuffing ourselves with snippets of information, drowning out our center?

Imagine your spirit is like a closet, stuffed with old clothes that no longer fit. When you get ruin of the clothes that no longer fit in your life, it allows you to see what’s there and whats missing.

Make room in your spirit today for the energy you need to move forward by bringing yourself back to center.





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